Reclaim your true essence with Leadership Coach Marie Tindall as your supportive, loving guide.

Reclaim Membership is only $44 a month CAD*

I hear you

I see you

I feel you

You want the best for this world but sometimes it feels like what you are doing is not enough. You wonder if things will ever change. Most days you are hopeful that they will and on some level you know they are.

It is hard to stay grounded, positive and focused on what you can do to create peace and joy. it is challenging to find your own peace within.

I see you craving a safe space where you can rediscover yourself, have a community and authentic connections. A place where you can heal and transform your limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. A place where you can be seen and heard.

Well here it is.

To grow, stretch and be seen exactly where you are at. To not be fixed, for you are not broken, but to discover exactly who you are becoming.

I invite you into a space where you will be one with your soul, be one with your authentic self. Where you will feel loved, supported and connected.

Join us in Reclaim. 

Reclaim Membership

A calm, safe space for you to reclaim your true essence.

Are you looking for a space where:

  • You are supported to feel what you are feeling, exactly where you are?
  • You are loved in all your imperfection?
  • You are held with compassion?
  • You can trust in your higher self?
  • You are seen, heard, nurtured and encouraged? 

Are you looking for a space where you can Reclaim:

  • Your Truth
  • Your Power
  • Your Values
  • Your Shinny Bits (gems)
  • Your Magical Inner child
  • Your Loving self
  • Your Inner Light
  • Your Connection
  • Your Mighty and Beautiful Spirit
I've got the space for you!
"Reclaim" is a membership that provides support, healing, wisdom  and space for your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical journey.
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Every month you will receive:
  • A new audio healing
  • A new audio meditation
  • Weekly Deep Dive- Zoom Meeting
Where you will have the opportunity to work with me in the group to move through anything you need to.
  • A private Membership area with a library of all the meditations and healings and content shared for you to revisit and learn from.
  • A community of like-minded souls
  • Space holding for your deep healing, your dreams, your transformations, and your wins.
With this space that is supportive, loving, accepting and encouraging, everything is possible!!

Monthly Subscription

$44/ month CAD*