“Building community one event at a time”


Purpose for Participants

To feel Renewed in the areas of Energy, Relationships, Love, Passion and take that into their lives and communities.



Created by women for women

What do you want to renew?

Your energy, relationships, love, playfulness…..?

Join us for a fun weekend of renewal and self-discovery!


The facilitators take into account the goals of the participants

and create a unique, organic, experiential weekend.

What People Say

Kassie Walker

Today was a fantastic day of learning about myself growing, love and compassion this experience is amazing and I am so thankful that god gave me  the chance to do this. The empowerment of the women here is amazing and such a blessing to be able to be part of it. I am so thankful for this weekend and I can’t wait until next years Renew you

Veronica Antel

This weekend I witnessed the freedom that comes from shredding your barriers and allowing yourself to be your true self. In not entirely there yet myself, but I am inspired and certain I am on the right track. Amazing women. I love you all!


I am so grateful to this amazing group of women. I am reminded of the women who step up to make a difference in the community, and how all women are a part of that community. I learned more and more about who I am, who I’m not and who I can yet be. Thanks Laurie, Cherie, Heather, Marie and Mary for being a stand for all of us Mwhahhhh.


What a great birthday weekend surrounded by loving courageous inspiring, successful women “Loving every minute of it”.