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We look to the government for our answers. This is the way society has been set up.

How do we change that? Do we want to change that? I believe we need to change that way of thinking. We need to also take responsibility as a government official, municipality or party who has stepped up to lead. It seems as leaders, we have lost sight of the big why, we have lost our connection to our soul. With the Leadership Re-patterning Program we can get back to being great leaders once again and really make a change for the greater good of everything and everyone.

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Workplace Training

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I help workplaces create peace & well-being through workshops. 

In all my workshops I use The L.E.H.P. System™ which incorporates a holistic approach where there is a learning, an experience, healing that which prevents us from acting in this new way, and then practicing the new way of being. This is the formula in which led me to creating lasting, conscious change to create a peaceful home.  Then, in helping my clients create peace and wellness in their life and home. Using that as a microcosm for a workplace, will also bring peace, harmony, creativity, productivity and wellbeing to your employees and place of work. 
It is imperative for the healing piece to happen, it is the discovery of why we act a certain way and healing that, so we have a choice to act in a more conscious way, rather that react.  
The workshops also incorporate and promote mindfulness, meditation, awareness of self and consciousness. 

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