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The key to powerful leadership comes from loving and trusting yourself enough to be who you are at your core self with no deletions, exceptions or explanations. Living through your values helps you to do that.

Make a list of your top five values that you truly are or want to be. Sometimes it might be easier to think about the values that you admire in your mentor. Beside the list write the area of life you want to have more of that value in. These could be career, spirituality, recreation, health, romance, finances, and/or family. What action do you need to take in order to live those values more fully? You must be clear what that value acted out in the world looks like.

If it doesn’t fit in your priorities or go with your values, you know it’s not for you. This could potentially free up time and energy for things that you want to be doing. You are then bringing your being- who you are, into your doing. Others may not have the same values/qualities. Know yourself and how you want to be. Take action through living the values.

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