About Me

It is my intention to provide a space to share and feel supported on your healing journey.
To tap into your magical child within.
Support with finding things that help you feel better, increase energy and passion for life.
Will include helpful health info to keep you feeling your best.
An opportunity to experience winter in an exciting new way.
These 10 days of winter magic will be facilitated on Facebook in my private group Eyes Wide Open. I will be posting every week day for 2 weeks. You will be encouraged to have fun and be supported in healing to find the magic of winter.

Starts Monday January 22, 2018. Feel free to jump in at any point.

Hi, I’m Marie Tindall, a Leadership Coach, Facilitator and Counselor with a Spiritual psychotherapeutic approach who focuses on healing the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual aspects of all. Healing the patterns in our lives that prevent us from living authentically from heart and soul.


When this is realized we can then create a life of joy and passion!