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I help individuals and workplaces create peace and well-being so that they can be the leaders they’ve always wanted to be.

I am a Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Counselor with A Psychotherapeutic Approach, Intuitive Body Healer, and Author, who focuses on healing the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual aspects of all.

I have training in Spiritual Psychotherapy-Transformational Arts College, Herbology-Living Earth Herbalism, Intuitive Healing, Reiki, Human Resources-Algonquin College, Communication, and Psychology- Laurentian University, and Diversity and inclusion.

From 2008-2018, I co-facilitated Renew You-a weekend for women, which focused on healing, emotional wellness and supporting women to move through blocks and barriers preventing them from living the life they desire.


I am a change maker.

This started after I had my first child at 18. The way I began parenting was how my parents parented. I was unconsciously doing what had always been done. I noticed it was not creating the peaceful, loving home I desired. I started to explore why I did certain things, what worked, what didn’t work, and I became conscious of the way I was doing things. I began to consciously choose things from the space of caring and love, with the guiding thought ‘there’s got to be a better way’. I worked with and healed beliefs that were stopping me from choosing and acting from love.

One winter, my 2 youngest children at the ages of 2 and 5, were on antibiotics for ear infections 2 times. When they had another ear infection that same winter, I decided to walk into a health food store and they gave me 2 bottles, one to treat the infection and one to boost their immune system. I dove into learning about healing; herbs, homeopathy, energy and vibration, the body and how its systems work. I am proud to say my whole family and I have not been on antibiotics since.

In 2004 I took a Relationship weekend for women. It was intensive to say the least. I learned a lot about myself and me in relationship. I learned so much about who I am and the reasons why I chose what I had chosen. Like how my inability to be vulnerable landed me in a relationship with an alcoholic and my inability to face my own childhood was already pushing my then 8 year old daughter away, thinking “tough love” was the way. My life was out of control and I didn’t know what to do or where to go. I really just didn’t know myself. In 2006 I volunteered to be on the Audio/Visual team for this relationship weekend. This was a major commitment where I was able to learn one of my biggest lessons! I got to see how my managing style of tyranny and dictatorship in leading my family was not working. I got to see how effective leading could look. I had an opportunity to lead that team of 12 on my 3rd weekend to test out all I had learned. It was a success everyone felt valued and appreciated under my leadership. We had fun and produced amazing results, impeccable logs and labels were handed in on time! First weekend that had happened in a very long time.

I applied what I had learned there, to my family. I was determined to heal all the damage I had done. I got clear on my values and vision for my family. I proceeded to be and live my values and let everything else that was not a priority, fall away.

In 2008 I gathered a group of 3 women and myself to co-create community through women’s weekends. We created a vision. With values we all live by, and our diverse skill set we put on a Renew You Weekend which lasted 10 years.

Everywhere I go I create community and leave it better than I found it.

I then explored deeply another piece of wellness. The mind and emotions.

I focused more on changing my beliefs, and thoughts and perceptions about healing, parenting, and  relationships, which in turn changed my actions. I have done this for all my relationships, each time increasing my level of communication, creating a deeper relationship with myself, and others.

Even though in the summer of 2015 my then husband and I separated, we are stronger as a family now than we have ever been.

Through all of this learning and growth my dream began to get clear. What I wanted for the world became clear.

Raising teens has also allowed me to see that we are raising these children for a new world. What we once thought was important, is no longer. We are moving out of a society of survival of the fittest and moving into co-creation.

I work with my clients to transform their beliefs and thoughts, and support their healing on all levels to create better relationships with themselves and their family and coworkers so they can create peace and well-being. I use The L.E.H.P System™ I created, to enable me to guide clients through a process to achieve the best outcome.

I believe in a world in which there is cooperation, kindness and peace. To do this we must first create it within, by healing limiting beliefs and creating new ones, that support our well-being. Especially the socially accepted “survival of the fittest” and the ingrained fear of lack.

This is how we will create wellness. By learning new ways of being, having an experience, healing what needs to be healed so we can be who we were meant to be.

We must redefine health and wellness and our goals in health. We must look at health holistically, mind, body, and spirit. If we look at the system we live in, we can see how some beliefs and messaging in that system are making us ill, physically, mentally, and spiritually.



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I believe a peaceful world can happen when everyone feels better about themselves and is passionate about their life . 

I believe this kind of growth starts within. Getting in touch with your soul, finding all your amazingness, healing that which stops you from acting out your greatness. Lets create infinite potential. 



To facilitate extraordinary growth on all levels, creating energy, passion and purpose holding space and guiding you to create the life you desire.


To empower and support people to live happy, peaceful, healthy lives connected to their power to live their dreams.

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