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Online Courses


Healing Through The Chakras

A 21 day process taking you through healing each chakra. With the ability to go at your own pace. 


Limiting Thoughts and Beliefs Holding Yo

Core Beliefs Program

Dive deeper into the thoughts and beliefs that are no longer working. Heal the core belief and install ones that are supportive.


Accessing Your Inner Wisdom (2)_edited.j

Soul Guidance Mini Course

5 different ways of accessing your wisdom within.



Master your emotions for success

Increase personal well being
Gain emotional balance
Experience deeper more fulfilling relationships
Deal with conflict more effectively
Improved decision making
Improve communication
Increase leadership ability
Create more energy for going after your dreams


Live Online

The Turning Point_edited.jpg

Revive Your Relationship

Create change in your relationship with your significant other. This workshop series is Live on Zoom!

Starts Wed. April 24th 2024

Module 8 Influence_edited.jpg

The Changemakers Journey

Create change in your life through this supportive 16 week program to discover, heal and focus on you. Live on Zoom!

Achieve a healthier and stronger relationship with your self and others.

Heal blocks and barriers that prevent you from obtaining your dream.

Starts March 2024

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