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Master your emotions for greater success and deeper relationships!

Join me for a virtual week of experiential webinars 

Do you have trouble discerning your emotions?
Would you like to learn how not to be triggered?

This is for you if you:
  • Want to dive deeper into your emotions

  • Would like to learn to manage and heal triggers

  • Would like to feel more joy

  • Would like to make different choices around your emotions

  • Would like to learn to manage your emotions in a healthy way

  • Would like to deepen your capacity for emotional awareness and intelligence

  • Would like to deeply understand the impact of your emotions

  • Learn what your emotions are telling you and how to use them for success

This Series will help you:

Increase personal well being
Gain emotional balance
Experience deeper more fulfilling relationships
Deal with conflict more effectively
Improved decision making
Improve communication
Increase leadership ability
Create more energy for going after your dreams
It is said that those with the most flexible behaviour control the system. Our emotions are a key component of why we do what we do, our behaviour. For success in anything we do we must use our emotions in a way that is effective for creating excellent behaviour.

Hi, I'm Marie

Growing up in this society as children we were not taught to manage our emotions effectively. We were taught mostly to shove them down and not show how we were feeling. Indirectly we were also taught that boys don't cry and girls don't get angry as a result of this, we see men get angry instead of cry and women cry instead of getting angry. Or in my case growing up we were not allowed to cry. We heard "stop your crying or I'll give you something to cry about". We even got trouble for laughing if you can imagine.

Miss managing my emotions impacted my relationships with friends, family and husband, the way I parented and my relationships at work. Once I became aware and managed my emotions in a healthy way my relationships were easier, deeper, more fulfilling. There was much more capacity for love, understanding, compassion and vulnerability.

Not only am I passionate about emotional intelligence, I have spent 18 years learning to master mine and coaching clients to master theirs for the last 15 years. 

Join me in this webinar series for better relationships and greater success.

Experiential Webinar Series

Inside the series

Webinar 01.  

Understanding the impact of your emotions

Learn about, and experience the impact on body, mind, spirit, energy, production, & going after your dreams.

Webinar 02. 

Emotions as messages

Learn to discover the deeper meaning of your emotions

Webinar 03. 


Why we get triggered

How to handle them

How to get rid of them

Webinar 04. 

Managing emotions

Learn how to heal blocked emotions

What to do when strong negative emotions come up

Experience a powerful technique to change your emotional state in an instant.

As with all of my workshops I will be utilizing The L.E.H.P System™. Which has a learning component, an experiential component, a healing component and a practice component. Without these elements change will not happen.
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Replays on Demand

Watch the recordings later at a time that works for you and get the answers you need when you need them.
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Get your questions answered

Ask your questions and I will answer it.


Thank you for your gifts, sharing and creating a space that is safe with no judgement.


Your words resonate in my head when I am stuck. Thank you

Anne Marie

Thank you for your encouragement, love and generosity and you being you!!


Thank you for bringing the value of accepting me exactly where I am at, hearing me and validating how I'm feeling. I feel valued, loved and accepted.


 Its all recorded and available the same day!
You'll have life time access to the replays.
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