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The Changemakers Journey

This is a program for those looking for support in creating lasting, impactful change, in your relationships and life. A 16 week program for you to discover, heal and focus on you and your dreams.
live on zoom

New Group starting March 2024

Do you 

  • Struggle with asking for help? 

  • Cycle through the same emotions and triggers?

  • Struggle with the relationship with your self or others?

  • Feel unheard? Unsupported?

  • Prioritize everyone else and not have the energy for your needs?

  • Find it hard to get your needs met?

  • Are you tired of doing it alone? 


Perhaps  its time to heal and connect to the truth of who you are and step into the version of you who gets your dreams?

Join us in The Changemakers Journey and be the change!


Sunset Walk
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Small class sizes to help you get what you need. To feel confident, inspired, more whole and powerfully connected to who you truly are!

Looking at the View

Through The Changemakers Journey

You Will:

  • Know deep within yourself that you can make a difference
  • Achieve a healthier and stronger relationship with your self and others
  • Receive support and clarity for your life and purpose
  • Live a life of strength, courage, confidence, and a feeling of fulfilment
  • Heal blocks and barriers that prevent you from obtaining your dream
  • Be more YOU than you have ever felt before

You may be asking who is the facilitator
here's a video to help get a feel for who I am.

Each module is 2 weeks - live on zoom. Week 1 we dive into an experiential exploration of the content and week 2 is for one-on-one coaching in the group to ensure you get exactly what you need. 

Here is what you can expect inside the course.

Module 1

  • Managing your emotions

  • Using your emotions to guide you

  • Feel lighter & happier

Module 2
Self Awareness

  • Grow trust in yourself

  • Soul connection

  • Find strength in who you are

Module 3
Personal Power

  • Increase personal power

  • Learn healthy boundaries

  • Gain freedom & control

Module 4
Lens of Life

  • Perception is projection

  • Heal limiting beliefs

  • Reclaim your creativity

Module 5
Clear Communication

  • Learn how to get your needs met

  • Effective communication

  • Healing the heart

Module 6
Conflict Resolution

  • Resolve triggers

  • Do healthy conflict

Module 7

  • Expanding curiosity

  • Trust your intuition

  • Creating a great mindset

Module 8
Influencing Others

  • Retrieve your soul purpose

  • How you influence others

  • Create an action plan

Bonus #1

78 page workbook

*Physical copy sent to you

Read More
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Bonus #3

Accessing your Inner Wisdom Online Course

*5 Videos to walk you through 5 different ways of accessing your inner wisdom.

Read More
Accessing Your Inner Wisdom.png

Bonus #2

Online Community

*Through my website

*Makes it easy to receive, support, and guidance throughout the program

Read More
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Bonus #4

10 Audios

*5 meditations

*5 healings

Read More
Relaxing with Music

The Changemakers Journey Program
Starts: Monday March 11, 2024
7:30pm-9pm EST

each session is 1.5 hours 
Location: Zoom- Weekly live calls
Investment: $449.00 CAD  

Once registered, look in your inbox for an email with access to bonus content so you can get started on your journey right away if you wish.
Bonuses: -78 page physical copy of the workbook
                 -Online community through my website
                 - Accessing your inner Wisdom Online Course
                 - 5 audio meditations
                 - 5 audio healings

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"Thank you so much for the clarity you brought to me! I felt perfectly understood and supported when talking to you. Your offer of insight has opened doors for me that I didn't even know existed."


"Your guiding of meditations has been very powerful, I'm thankful for the contribution of your skills."


"Marie-Your heart is so amazing. I love your insight and your understanding. 

Thank you for all your help."


"Thank you for your leadership & spiritual presence this weekend.

You are very gracious & peaceful."


"Thank you for your love, support, wisdom, and energy. I look forward to many years with such a remarkable woman."


"Thank you for your quiet power and serenity. Your calmness is so inspiring. Thank you for caring so much!"


Marie Tindall.png

Hi, I’m Marie Tindall, creator and facilitator of The Changemakers Journey, a Leadership Re-patterning Coach,  who focuses on healing the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual aspects of all.

I’ve been helping my clients to access their power within to lead authentically in their families and workplaces for 13 years. I can tell you that everything you need is inside yourself. In this way you can make the change you have always wanted to see!

Book a free call or email me if you have any questions.
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