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A supportive program to discover, heal and focus on you and your dreams!
I know you want to make the world a better place.
I see you wondering how you can make a difference.
I know that the change you want to create is possible!
I know that the desire is within YOU for a reason.
I know that the struggle and lack of support is real.
I know its hard to know what to do to move through a block or create a new way.
In The Changemakers Journey, a 16 week program, you will find the support, guidance, tools and the healing you need, to make the changes you desire.

Do you 

  • Struggle with asking for help? 

  • Cycle through the same emotions and triggers?

  • Struggle with the relationship with your self or others?

  • Feel unheard? Unsupported?

  • Prioritize everyone else and not have the energy for your needs?

  • Find it hard to get your needs met?

  • Are you tired of doing it alone? 


Perhaps  its time to heal and connect to the truth of who you are and step into the version of you who gets your dreams?

Join us in The Changemakers Journey and be the change!


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From taking this course you will feel confident, inspired, more whole, powerful. Connected to who you truly are!

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