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You were born to have the life of your dreams and you know it.

You desire to make a change in your life, your family and the world, but what you're doing just isn't working.

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Why Coaching

For emotional wellbeing, management of feelings such as:

  • defeated, discouraged, frustrated, 

  • overwhelmed, aloneanxious

  • like change is impossible

  • loststuck in a negative pattern

To increase and enhance performance

To change habits like procrastination

To improve relationships with others and yourself

For personal development

For better health

To improve mindset, release limiting decisions, or negative beliefs

 Young Woman Contemplating

You may be experiencing: 

  • a lack of support

  • difficulties in work or family relationships

  • challenges of being heard

  • unsatisfactory family life

  • wanting things different and not know how to change it

You know there has to be a better way and you know you aren't meant to do this on your own.

You want to be supported and you deserve this.

You are a visionary.

You are powerful and it's time to tap into that power, to tap into your intuition and to live more fiercely than ever before.


You're in the right place. 

As a result of working with me you will...

  • Identify and begin to clear blocks that stand in the way of you rising up into the life you want to live.

  • Have a better relationship with yourself and others

  • You will get to the root cause

  • ​Tap into your inner wisdom

  • Increase personal power from within

  • Gain awareness of your intuition and soul presence

  • Deeply understand the values needed to create the necessary change

  • Create action steps to have your dreams become reality

  • Get in touch with your creative side

  • Feel more clear and energized

  • Open up to possibility

  • Experience more joy and passion

  • Develop a healthy loving connection with your body

  • Create more peace in your life

  • Have support and guidance with healing and balancing your emotions

  • Reconnect you with your authentic self

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What is Coaching

A developmental ongoing interaction between two people, where the coach assists the client to develop their capabilities, achieve their goals and objectives and produce successful results.

The NLP Coach facilitates change through verbal and non-verbal communication (questions, reflections, explanations, metaphors, tasks, guiding focus, exercises, etc). The NLP Coach promotes and supports their client's growth, learning, professional development and personal bench-marks.

The NLP Coach creates and facilitates change, elicits, selects, trains, asks meaningful questions, motivates, created insight, explains, tasks, evokes, challenges, stimulates, supports and encourages clients self-expression

I am a NLP Coach! I focus on discovering the structure of what prevents you from achieving your goals and changing that structure to make your goals achievable.
My focus is in relationships, health, Personal growth and business.


What people are saying

"What a gift!! Thank you! Renewed, regenerated & lite. You have given me me back. I shall always be so very grateful!"

-Debbie Schrempf- 

"Thank you for your gifts, sharing and creating a space that is safe with no judgement and helping me to push through the barriers"

-Carrie Naster-

"Your guiding of meditations has been very powerful. I am thankful for the contribution of your skills"

-Lynea Ames-

"Thank you so much for the clarity you brought to me! I felt perfectly understood and supported when talking to you. Your offer of insight has opened doors for me that I didn't even know existed."

-Poorva Dutt-

"Wow! Thank you! Your love, guidance and intuitive wisdom made the difference!!"

-Catherine Morningstar-

"Marie-Your heart is so amazing. I love your insight and your understanding.
Thank you for all your help."

-Janet Rotz-

"Thank you for your quiet power and serenity. Your calmness is so inspiring. Thank you for caring so much!"

-Mary Vrantsidis-

"Thank you for your love, support, wisdom, and energy. I look forward to many years with such a remarkable woman."

-Susan Vint-

"Thank you for your leadership & spiritual presence this weekend.
​You are very gracious & peaceful."

-Shana Pereira-


Hi, I'm Marie

I believe when we are able to bring our whole, true selves to our being, life becomes extraordinary. When this is realized we can then create a life of joy and passion!

I am a mother of 3 amazing young adults. I am a Leadership Re-patterning Coach, Facilitator, Author, and Creator of The Changemakers Journey.

I have been working with clients since 2008. I am trained in Spiritual Psychotherapy, Coaching, NLP and Time Line Therapy. I am also trained in over 15 modalities that I utilize to help my clients get the results they desire.

I have used these techniques and modalities to create change for myself as well as my clients. I am a changemaker. The way I parented my children was different than the way I was parented. The way I do life, reaching for joy, is different than the previous generation. I have achieved many firsts in my life, generationally speaking. I recognize the old ways of being and thinking are no longer working, but nether is burring our head in the sand or our phones. We must learn who it is we are, why we are here and discover how we want to live, and then release all that does not serve us. Yes I know this is easier said than done! That is why I am here to facilitate the change you desire. 

My desire is to help you achieve the life you desire. 

What do you desire for your life?

What needs healing so you can be free to be the healed version of yourself?


This is for you if:
  • If you are willing to do the work
  • You are ready for change
  • You know you need support to make the change.
  • You are going to put in the time to do the homework.
  • You know there's got to be a better way.
This is not for you if:
  • You are not ready for change
  • You want to do it all by yourself
  • You are unable to put time toward homework
  • You know your way is working

I invite you to join me in creating a life that will forever be changed- it will align you with your power and your intuition and help you to be the amazing person and leader you know you were born to be. 
I offer Breakthroughs in:

  • Relationships- 1:1 and couples

  • Personal growth

  • Career

  • Health

Ready to make a commitment to your dreams? Book your free discovery call
Where you will have an opportunity to get all your questions answered!

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