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Are you feeling frustrated?
Are you open to trying a different way?
Perhaps you have tried everything.
Perhaps you are not satisfied with the conclusion the doctor or specialist has given you. 
You feel like there has to be more to this, a better explanation or treatment plan, a different way.
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Through the Breakthrough Program you will be able to start on a new path to health and healing
2014 Aug 14 Marie photo by Shere Donald
Hi, I’m Marie Tindall, an Intuitive Body Healer, Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Author and Counselor With A Psychotherapeutic Approach who focuses on healing the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual aspects of all. Healing the pain and patterns in our lives that prevent us from living authentically from heart and soul.
When this is realized we can then create a life of joy and passion!
I believe when we are able to bring our whole, true selves to our being life becomes extraordinary.


“My doctor has been monitoring the tumor on my neck in 6 month intervals. Currently the status is he does not want to see me now for another year. Not just me but family and friends have said the tumor is reducing in size which I am sure it has. Thanks to your recommendation. "


“My energy has increased and I feel like myself again. Thank you for the 6 week plan"


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