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Flower Essences For Emotional And Spiritual Well-Being

What are Flower Essences    

These remedies are made from flowers, with their healing properties derived from the life force, and vibration, of the flowers. Flower essences address negative emotions/states (and sometimes physical ailments). By dissolving and alleviating negative emotions, one’s overall health and well-being is strengthened and enhanced.


How to Take These Remedies     

You can take Loving Essences orally.   Four drops at least four times a day. You could also add eight drops to a glass of  water and sip on it throughout day. There is an added element to the healing if you chose one or some of the affirmations that may resonate with you.


What do the Colours Mean

Each colour represents the chakra that will get the most nourishment as a result of taking that particular formulation.  Red for the root chakra, orange for the sacral chakra, yellow for the  solar plexus, pink for the heart chakra, blue for the throat chakra, and purple for the third eye chakra. Check out my Healing Through The Chakras Course. It comes with a free Loving Essence!

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For people with emotional congestion, only able to focus on their own hardships, seek negative attention  , who reject the feminine, feel unloved and unwanted. Needs to feel the warm loving presence of the maternal.

Helps with: Love given freely , nourishing the heart and inner neediness of such souls, helps to rebalance enmeshment. Brings heartfelt compassion, ability to express gratitude and loving inclusiveness, and feelings of unity and wholeness. Warm nurturing, positive connection to mother or child. Unconditional regard for another’s wellbeing.
Affirmations: I am sensitive with others. I open my heart. I send healing thoughts to others. I express love to all.


For people who are discouraged, doubt themselves, are depressed due to a sense of failure. Childish dependency. Fear of how you are perceived by others.

Helps with:
Faith to continue despite apparent setbacks. Confidence in one’s self. The courage and confidence to shine. Inner power of knowing. 
Affirmations: I persevere until success. I act with confidence. I act with courage. It’s safe to be me.

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♥Excitement for life

For people who are jealous and envious. Feelings of aloneness, acute suffering, confusion, dissatisfied , and restless. Work for survival rather than service.

Helps with:
Express gratitude, feeling of unity and wholeness, and an expansive sense of self. Surrender and open to new experiences. Ability to share ones gifts with others. Integration of spiritual self, joyful connection to others. Manifestation of one’s inner goals and values. 
Affirmations: Life is for me. I open my heart. I am sustained by the power of light. I share with others.

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♥Feminine Consciousness

For people who reject the female body/organs, unable to be vulnerable, avoidance of commitment in relationships. Sexual and emotional coldness or repression.

Helps with:
Grounded in the female body, integration of sexuality, experience the self as whole and sacred. Confidence and expressiveness.
Affirmations: It is wonderful to be a woman. I rejoice in my femaleness. I accept my full power as a woman.

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♥Joy & Passion

For people with anxiety, depression, feelings of aloneness, helps in recovery after a long drawn out illness.

Helps with:
Ability to integrate suffering and joy into a positive whole, gentle joyfulness and quiet radiance. Helps the soul to surrender and open to new spiritual identity. Will to live. Regain interest, joy and commitment to life. Charisma and contagious enthusiasm when the soul is fired from within.
Affirmations: I have faith in life. I am filled with Joy. I am sustained by the power of the light. I create my life.

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For people who are in a leadership position and are not being received well. Overly perfectionist or anxious. Overwhelmed by work obligations, scattered response to responsibilities tendency to be a tyrant or domineering.

Helps with:
Inspiring others by example, positive charisma, and ability to keep calm and centred in crisis. Seeing the bigger picture, respects the freedom and autonomy of others. Inner joyfulness energizes others, strong forces of self-awareness. 
Affirmations: I can handle my responsibilities. I respect and utilize others diversity and autonomy.

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♥Letting Go

For people who avoid the present. Feelings of self-doubt and despondency. Physically too tired, feeling resentful, tendency to blame others or see oneself as the victim. “Stuck in their story.”

Helps with:
Physical presence, allowing of great gifts to manifest into the physical. Faith and confidence to complete one’s task. Rejuvenation of life force. Adaptable to changing fortunes and circumstances.
Affirmations: I am fully awake here and now. I have faith in life. I feel renewed. I accept responsibility for my life.

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♥Life Direction

For people who doubt themselves and the universe. Outer activity not aligned with inner life purpose. Lack confidence, self-limiting. Confusion and indecision about life direction.

Helps with:
Ability to walk ones path. Renewed confidence, perseverance, and expressiveness. Inner strength to follow one’s creative inspiration and life destiny. 
Affirmations: I act With confidence. I am free of limiting influences. I am clear about my life’s direction. I am always on the right path.

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♥Masculine Consciousness

For people who use addictive behaviour to anesthetise feelings, mistrust of others, argumentative. Overwhelmed by personal or work obligations

Helps with:

Emotional honesty, feeling supported and loved, warmth and receptivity especially in the use of the spoken word and in dialogue with others. Self-confidence from within. Balance work and play.

Affirmations: I am at peace within. I am loved. I accept my own power. I accept and rejoice in my masculinity.

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For people who are judgemental but inside feel insecure and vulnerable. Dishonest or polite responses not based on true feelings. Over-concerned with one’s own problems. Tendency to rush ahead of experiences. Insistent behaviour regarding one’s beliefs.

Helps with:

Seeing the good within each person and situation, inner truthfulness, inner tranquility, ability to flow harmoniously with the time and daily rhythms, balance. Patient embrace of life events.

Affirmations: I accept differences. I listen I care. I am patient and accepting. I feel relaxed, open, and balanced.

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♥Peace & Calm

For people who hide anxiety or pain behind a mask of cheerfulness, have difficulty accepting the imperfections of themselves or others, and may be described as “High-strung” and “wound-up.”

Helps with:

Ability to radiate inner peace, and have emotional honesty. Restorative sense of inner purity and self-acceptance.

Affirmations: I am at peace within. I feel harmonious. I accept myself. I feel relaxed, open, and balanced.

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♥Self Love: 

For people who feel unsure or critical of themselves. Feelings of being unclean or impure. Are unable to trust in a positive outcome for future events. Are unable to find one’s voice. Often self-limiting and self-blaming.

Helps with:

Sense of inner cleanliness, light filled optimism, self-confidence and creative expression. Self-acceptance and inner esteem, feelings of support and love.

Affirmations: I feel clean and harmonious. I remain hopeful. I act with confidence. I accept myself. I matter.

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♥Strength & Courage

For people who have difficulty making decisions, fear of losing control, feeling pressure or stress, overwhelmed by work or personal life. Feelings of self-doubt.

Helps with: one’s inner wisdom and strength, confidence in their true self, feeling guided and protected by a higher power. Ability to cope with life’s challenges. Brings strength and encouragement, and knowing when to surrender and accept limitations.

Affirmations: I trust my inner voice. I maintain balance and stability. I can handle my responsibilities. I feel strong.

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Loving Essences By Marie
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