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Communication is a skill you would think we were born with, as you look around you see this is simply not true.
Where there are people, there are communication difficulties:
People not getting along
Taking things personally
Character defamation
Do you feel unsupported?
Too many things to do, not enough time?
Frustrated from lack of communication with co-workers, fellow council members and constituents?
In an organization it is most important to have exceptional communication skills.
If even one member has poor communication skills this brings the whole organization down. Communication in some form or another is the number one problem.
We have had those workshops where they tell you how to do this and not much changed. I am here to share with you why you should choose someone who is outside of the organization, someone who has a holistic way of addressing this.


Peaceful atmosphere to work in
Increased cooperation
Creation of a safe open space
More efficient
More creative ideas and implementation

My support through the Communication Workshop Series will be like taking a breath of fresh air. You know that feeling of breathing deeply into your belly, outside in the woods? Everything expanding, and as you exhale your whole body feels more alive. Your shoulders drop, relaxation comes. Things become clear and bright. You feel stronger. This will be the feeling when you work with me.

Option 1

4 Experiential Workshops

1.5 hours each

Option 2

Full Day

6 hours

with lunch

Personal benefits that benefit the whole


Respect for all

Kindness from your soul


Powerful in the knowing that you have this great opportunity to help create peace and a joyful, safe place to work and be at your best.

I would love the opportunity to discuss how I can be of service.
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