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Live a Life You Love

A Return to Joy

Are You Ready?

For a life that fills your soul?

For clarity, peace, love and abundance?

For a life that inspires and energizes you?

This course is designed for healing and growth on all levels, spiritual , emotional, mental and physical. You will end up with a vision, a road map,  goals and action steps to move forward. With support, blocks and barriers will be discovered and dissolved. Supported and connected you will move into a life you love.

You will:

Have a more soulful direction

Experience increased joy and passion in your life


Course Includes:
1 Mini Channelled Reading
Email Support
Course date: SATURDAY MAY 26, 2018
               & SATURDAY JUNE 2, 2018
Pot Luck Lunch
Where: Huntsville, Ontario, Canada


Module 1: Planting your seeds

Module 2: Grow your roots

Module 3: Find Your Passion

Module 4: Ignite your Fire

Module 5: Share your gifts

Module 6: Speak your truth

Module 7: Divine Purpose

Module 8: A world of Possibility

Meet the facilitator

Hi, I’m Marie Tindall, a Leadership Coach, Facilitator and Spiritual Psychotherapist who focuses on healing the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual aspects of all. Healing the patterns in our lives that prevent us from living authentically from heart and soul.


When this is realized we can then create a life of joy and passion!

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