I will help you create the peace and well-being you desire! 

Let's be change makers!

Creator of The L.E.H.P System™

Better Relationships

The relationship you have with yourself impacts all your other relationships. This journal and guide will help you create peaceful loving relationships.

Peace now

A PDF to guide you through 3 steps to cultivate your inner peace now.

Video Series

5 Videos that take you through 5 different ways of accessing your inner wisdom.

About Me

I am a change maker.

I was a young mom at 18. The way I began parenting was how my parents parented. I was unconsciously doing what had always been done. I noticed it was not creating the peaceful, loving home I desired.



I love to write! Topics include relationship with yourself, personal power, parenting, leadership, communication, and creating peace. Have a look, you will discover something new about yourself!

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