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Call To Action

Call to Action

When something is wrong in the body we often blame the body part as if it is separate from the rest of us. The pain or dis-ease is the body trying to talk to us, it is saying, “hey take a closer look here, there is something out of balance.” The longer you ignore the ‘call to action’ the worse the symptoms get.

Symptoms can come from:

  • Eating foods that your body does not agree with.

  • Having negative thoughts about the world, yourself, or people around you.

  • Holding onto ways of being that do not serve your higher good.

  • Trying to control people.

  • Toxic environments/relationships.

  • Living with fear, worry, shame, guilt, anger. (stuck emotions)

These can all cause the physical body to become unbalanced and experience pain.

Our thoughts create reactions in our body. Many of us have heard of Louise Hay who has published many books on the subject. Learning how to obtain wisdom from our own bodies is invaluable. I have added an exercise for you to get a feeling of how thoughts create reactions in the body.

Try this exercise: (it may be more effective to have some one slowly read it to you or slowly read it into your recorder on your phone and then play it back)

Take a few deep breaths and relax into where you sit, and gently soften your eyes. Imagine yourself in a room. In that room there is a wooden table. As you walk closer to that table you notice a lemon on a plate. Beside that plate there is a knife. You cut the lemon in half and some juice squirts onto your hand. The room begins to fill with the scent of fresh lemon. You cut a wedge and bring that wedge up to your mouth, biting into it, filling your mouth with the juice.

Now take notice of your throat, your mouth, is it puckered, watering. Do they feel different, like you just ate a lemon? Probably at the very least there was an increase in saliva production.

Your body is preparing to eat and digest the lemon and does not know the difference between real or imagined.

That was just one time. Imagine if you have a reoccurring negative thought, maybe it enters your mind daily and it’s been there for 5 years. What effect would that have on your body?

Pain is your body’s way of communicating with you. Your body is an amazing partner, it knows how to heal its self and is getting your attention to look deeper. It just needs the mind to hop on board or at least quiet for a moment, long enough for you to hear the subtle or not so subtle messages.

Take, for instance, the work of Dr Masaru Emoto in his book “The Hidden Messages in Water” showing, how when you talk to water in a certain way it changes its crystalline structure. Considering that 83% of a human cell is water do you think that possibly, what you think and believe, affects your body?

Learning to listen to your body takes patience, and a willingness to be silent to connect with your body. It is a daily and a second-by-second practice of being present. Although often challenging, it is very rewarding. With the guidance of a Psychotherapist asking the right questions you can often get down to the root cause or dominant thought that has created the pain or dis-ease. They can also help you to heal that which is out of balance at a deep level.

It is beneficial to work on both the physical and emotional levels when dealing with any ailment. Instead of blaming that part of your body that’s causing you pain or discomfort, treat it like a partner, a ‘call to action’!

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