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Transitioning to You as the Expert of You

For centuries now we have been indoctrinated to believe that the expert is outside of ourselves, the doctor, the scientist, the lawyer and any other ‘professional’. We have lost the art of listening to the wisdom within. Yes, we all have our own wisdom and when we are conscious of our connection to the universe, which we are always connected, as disconnection is an illusion. We all have access to the universal wisdom too! There is power and autonomy in a conscious connection with all parts of you, your spiritual self, physical self, mental self, emotional self. There is a freedom in being congruent with all of these and act powerfully from that space. To create harmony within, start reconnecting to your body and remain open to infinite possibilities.

1. Start to reconnect to your body

Recognize how your body feels on a regular basis. Start by noticing. Does it need to run, walk, climb? Does it need a warm soak in the tub? Does it need different nutritionally dense food? Experiment what makes it feel good. Sometimes when we first learn to go into our body there is pain or discomfort. This is a message. Don’t ignore it or block it out. Take in a deep breath and as you do focus on your stomach. Expand your awareness to other parts of your body and see how they feel and what they are trying to tell you. Here is an audio to guide you through this. Tip: this will actually require some stillness!

2. Treating your body with respect

Pay attention to the words you feed yourself. We are often criticizing our body or talking to it negatively. What happens is that our unconscious mind hears this and takes it as an order or instruction. Your unconscious mind has a blueprint for your body in perfect health and it also holds your instructions. You can see how this is problematic. You can learn more on the Unconscious mind here.

3. Learning to listen to your body

This takes practice. Because we have spent years doing the exact opposite. You need to have patients and keep listening. Part of listening is accessing deep feelings, and learnings, to gain the wisdom. Then we can release and let go of these as you act upon the wisdom. For instance, if your body is tight and not liking what it is doing perhaps do what it is asking you to do instead. Could be spending time in nature, soak in the tub, stretching or just being still. One of the ways to know the truth versus untruth is how it feels in the body. You can watch a video here for more instruction on that.

One of the things that sets me apart from other coaches is that I operate from the knowing that you are the expert on you. I know how to guide you to access that wisdom and get to the root cause. Truly the answer is within-which is most likely why you have not solved the problem due to focusing your energy outside your self for the answer. My goal is to have you be a clear, powerful, confident, leader from the inside, so you can achieve your dreams. It is all inside you to discover, perhaps you just need the right guide.


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