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Creating Different Way

Even though my mother has 2 college diplomas, I was the first in my family to actually graduate from high school. That same year I gave birth to my first child. It was not easy to go to school and have people laugh. Some teachers were less than supportive, but I still made it on the honour roll. I was the first in my family to breastfeed. It was not the in thing to do then. My mother, not even my grandmother had breastfed her children. I looked for support outside of my circle of women.

I was the first to get a different story in regards to relationships. Relationships with my kids, spouse and myself. I was the first to ask questions, or maybe I was the first to listen to my own answers to these questions. How can I make this better? How am I being, that stands in the way of this changing? If it was not working, I would ask “How can I be more of who I am, more loving, more kind, more present to create a different reality?”

The way I chose to raise my children differently, against most of the popular books, against what everyone else thought was right! I was the first person in my circle to give my children the option of homeschooling. I had my mother in law threaten to call children’s aid. My own mother told me I was making a big mistake. But I had to look at the situation. I had to chose to follow my knowing because what I was doing, which is what had always been done. Was not working for me or my family. To be the person that made these decisions I had to think differently, to act differently.

As for my spouse and I, we did end up getting a divorce, but no one is bitter. In fact, I think we communicate better now than when we were together. That was a first. My mother and sister are still bitter and angry at their exes. It can be different! When we stop fighting against something or for something, what is left is questions, and choice. When you are fighting for or against something there is no room for choice.

Being the first to do something that you feel so strongly about not because its the right way, but because it’s the best way that works for you, is a risk. You don’t have a whole lot to go on but your gut feeling that it’s the right path for you. It takes courage to do something different when most will say to you “I don’t see how that’s going to work. Are you crazy?” What about this and what about that, throwing all their judgement's, doubts and fears at you, some matching your own. That is why I sought help and support to help keep me living my truest expression.

Once you are clear on what you want the future to look like and who you want to be in it

You take the steps:

Change your thinking

Expand your ideas

Open your heart

Open your ears

Open to your soul for it knows the way.

Get support if needed.

Accept that you are courageous that you have everything you need to make the decisions that are right for you to create a different story. If you are ready to create a different story for yourself and you know you want support book a free discovery call here.

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