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Unconventional way to create change in government

When we look at our kids and teens in general we know things need to change!

How do we know?

Take a look at the increase in:



learning disabilities

anxiety and depression

Not to mention everything else in our society that is not working.

Does this not tell us something about our world?

I have three kids, when they were younger they all struggled in school not because they weren't smart enough, but because their exceptionalities were not main stream. My oldest began to have troubles in grade 3 and I had a very challenging time trying to get help for her, we struggled until she was in grade 7 when I finally had her diagnosed.

My middle child struggled, but in a different way. She had been asking me for three years to home-school her, I don’t even know where she got this idea, at the time we didn’t know anyone who was homeschooling.

I finally agreed when she was in grade 6. My youngest was in grade 3. It took me three years to get to the place where I could choose what was right for our family?

I had healing to do. I had to change my beliefs about myself, about learning and about education, about what it was supposed to look like.

I had to really take a look at the individual needs of my children.

The difference in my home, within six months of starting to home-school was incredible, not perfect but much better, my house became calm, peaceful, loving, kind. It got to that point because I did the healing work.

Homeschooling is not the answer for everyone and not everyone is in the position to home school and I'm not even suggesting that you should home-school.

What I am illustrating here is how we need to heal to change.

There are many factors in our society that contribute to these problems in our kids and teens

Food quality

Medicalized approach to life and the over prescribed society.

Lack of emotional intelligence in the adults influencing the children and teens

Lack of proper policies.

Lack of education about the truth of our body systems, our brain energy and vibration.

No holistic understanding of life.

Education system and what it is designed for or not designed for.

The unconscious bias, prejudice and racism.

Lack mentality.

So how do we create this massive change that we desire?

I propose that healing is the answer.

The majority of my workshops, group and private sessions, webinars and retreats, I have facilitated, have used The L.E.H.P. System that I developed. This methodology has an element of healing, I believe it is necessary for complete change.

Changing behavior, thoughts, self, you're life, culture, or a system, requires healing!

Healing to create Awareness

And a change in perspective

Which creates a new action or behaviour from that healed space.

This does not have to be a long drawn out process it can be quick, done in groups it can be even quicker!

This change in perspective comes from that healed space that is now full of love, compassion, and connection (The truth).

Let's look at perspective as it relates to change.

Our experiences create our perspective. Most of these beliefs and perspectives are embedded in our subconscious mind from when we were a child -many of us are making choices from that unhealed space, unconsciously grabbing onto anything and everything that fits that perspective to further prove that our perspective is correct.

In this space change does not happen.

Healing changes our perspective, to be open to a new view, a new way of doing things.

Now let's look at language

Language both reflects and shapes our worldview.

It may say something about our culture that there is no equivalent word in the English language for Dharma, the Sanskrit word meaning - each person's unique ideal path in life, and the knowledge of how to find it.

Now take a look at how our children are made to do and be and follow, in the classroom. With no room to express or be recognized for their own unique capabilities, only when these unique capabilities match up with what they want to promote does it get recognized. Did you know there are 9 different types of intelligence?

What is the language we shape ourselves with? What do we tell ourselves about others?

Sometimes we tell ourselves that someone is lazy or incompetent. If you think that way about a coworker, that belief or perception of them leaves no room for them to be anything else in your eyes.

What else do we tell ourselves that shape our worldview?

Our body, our families, our community, our systems, our world, require healing, not a pill or a band aid.

Let's create policies and visions that encourage a holistic approach,

Let's create policies that encourage right healing action.

Healing will create the change needed.

Interested in how I can help you and your employees?

Book a discovery call Here!


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