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Self Love in Action

Many of us have grown up with the idea or belief that taking time for self or making sure your needs are met first is selfish. I am suggesting that making time to make sure you are filled up is a priority.

When we are filled with love from the inside, we are better able to share that love, compassion and kindness with others. We have much more capacity to deal with challenges and not take things personally. Our mind is clearer and we can come up with creative solutions, and have more rewarding conversations. The more filled up we are, the more capacity we have to fulfill our dreams.

Love is an action. One does not feel loved unless there is an action involved. I could love someone a great deal but if I don’t spend time with them, talk to them, or demonstrate my love for them through another action, then they never feel the love. You must do things for yourself for you to feel love from yourself.

So where do you start?

1. Start with one action a day. If time is an issue start to schedule time for yourself to do an activity that fills you up.

Download this free self love in action pdf for a worksheet and suggested actions.

2. Do some healing work which is also showing love to yourself.

Ideas for healing work:

  • Inner child work

  • Feeling and moving through emotions

  • Time line therapy

  • Work with unconscious mind

  • Take one of my online courses

  • Book a call with me or a therapist

3. Do things that increase your joy

4. Do not wait for someone else to fill your love quota.

This loving relationship you cultivate with yourself will flow out into all your other relationships.

If you are looking for someone to help you in your healing work, I can help you in any and all of the healing work listed.

Self Care PFD
Download PDF • 171KB


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