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Don't let your fear stop you!

Fear is a normal part of life.

When we are born, we only have 2 fears. The fear of falling and loud sounds. All the rest we have made up and incorporated in our life according to our experiences in life. We become afraid of the unknown, others, failure, success, change, loneliness, judgement, of getting hurt, fear that you are not enough. We have forgotten the true use of fear and allow it to run our lives instead of using our prefrontal cortex to assess and decipher the information gained, fear sneaks in and we allow it to tell us we are in true danger when we are not. If we check into the truth of our feeling through our body we can gain the wisdom to help move us forward and out of fear. Take these steps: 1. Instead of giving in to fear, ask what would love do? 2. Learn to connect to your soul and your inner wisdom. 3. Build trust with yourself. 4. Stop all negative self talk. 5. Start with my core beliefs course. Check it out here

Fear may be experienced as, helplessness, insecure, nervous, anxious, worry, inferiority or fright.

You may feel unsafe to expand, that its not safe to share yourself, or your dreams. You may not feel secure enough to express who you are and what it is you truly want.

It’s ok. We all feel this way from time to time. We must fill ourselves up, so we are able to move through it. There may be healing that is required and there are skills you can learn to become more courageous.

“Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.” — Marie Curie

You will also notice you get a feeling of constriction within your body when you are in fear. These thoughts that are limiting or that induce fear, are not the truth.

Emotions are not meant to be stored. They can be used as information, as a guide. We want to move out and through emotions. Storing our emotions causes blockages and this creates pain and discomfort on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Self awareness and managing your emotions is necessary to master your actions and life! When you use your emotions as a guide it strengthens your soul, yourself and increases your ability to handle stress and conflict.

Want to find out which emotion is blocking you from your dreams?

I used to think that I was afraid of failure. Fear would stop me from trying and often from saying what's on my heart. In going within and dialoging with my body I discovered what I was afraid of, was success. Success often requires me to change, to grow, to stretch. Change behaviors, thoughts, feelings, and the way I perceive myself. Success asked me to step up and be courageous and listen to my soul. The fear does not fully go away but I can now move through it working through the steps above without having it stop me.

Dive deeper into your fear, gain the wisdom and move through it.

Want help working through your blocks? Book a discovery call here.


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