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We Are All Connected

We are all connected- The idea or belief of separation is an illusion designed to keep us from knowing and experiencing the truth. It allows us to remain thinking that everything is outside of us, which results in us feeling and believing we are powerless.

Stepping outside our comfort zone of what we know and what we do is sometimes challenging. In this article I my challenge the way you think. I encourage you to put your explorers hat on, keep reading and embark on a new journey to rediscover yourself.

If we believe in separation, we don’t have to take responsibility for our actions and beliefs and the world around us. The problem is, The Truth -

What you do, how you do it, affects you, everyone, and everything. The only difference is where the power lies. Either within or somewhere outside of yourself.

How do we heal this belief in Separation? Through ourselves first, because knowing that we are all connected gives us power to change things from within. For instance, if you are angry about the homeless. Heal that within! You may not be homeless, but there are most likely beliefs within that contribute to this societal problem. Some popular beliefs that most people have on some level regarding homeless are: Inequality, believing that others are more important or powerful than you, or thinking that you are “better than”. Money beliefs, and the belief “I’m not worthy” or “I’m not enough”. Do you think the homeless feel and believe some of these things? What would their life look like if they didn’t feel and believe this way? What would your life look like if you did not have these beliefs? You would most likely model and teach this inclusive, connected way of being to your family and friends and it would ripple out. First you must take responsibility for your own beliefs and actions.

We are all connected to the whole of everything. Every cell in our body is not separate from all the other cells in the body. Just like we are not separate from God or Source Energy. It is all within.

Going within and accessing the wisdom is the key to finding your truth gems-nuggets of who you truly are. Going within and exploring can be uncomfortable and even scary for some people. To access the wisdom within, you must become silent so you can hear and feel what needs to be heard and felt. This is where you will connect with and awaken your spirit. It is in the silence, that spirit is given wings. This is the space where magic happens! Let your soul guide you.

Through our upbringing many of us have formed beliefs of who we are and who we are not, due to something we heard, saw or felt. These beliefs prevent us from knowing our true selves. We have ignored our soul, we have lost our way and stopped listening to our spirit. Its time to heed the call!

These beliefs and traits are parts of yourself that have covered over your truth gems, the beautiful light parts of yourself. It is all there waiting to be discovered

Remember when you were little? Ok maybe you don’t. I am sure, you have seen children demonstrating how interested they are in the world around them.

The questions they ask, “I wonder what would happen if?”

They are so open and curious.

I encourage you to do the same with your traits and beliefs that are no longer serving you. It may be helpful to find a quiet space, take out a journal or paper and pen, write the questions below on the paper, and with one question at a time write what ever comes up. Ask yourself “I wonder what would happen if I believed anything was possible? If I had all the answers with in? How would I feel, act, be?

How would I treat others? What would I believe about others?

If I knew we are all connected? If I am a part of them and they are a part of me? Yep that co worker you don’t like, they are a part of you! This is an opportunity to heal a part of yourself. If writing is not your style, then perhaps day dream a little on each question.

You must heal the beliefs and parts of yourself that are no longer congruent with your authentic self. Any parts that have you saying and doing things you don’t really feel good about or want to do. The traits and beliefs that no longer serve you and your life now.

It is now time to rise up and be authentically you- with no deletions or explanation. Fully connected, in your power, not the power over but power that comes from within. That which inspires others in to action.

As you discover these parts of yourself and are solid in knowing the truth of who you are. Start risking and revealing who you are. Find loving, kind people to be with, to support your new way of being.

I am light! I am connected to everything! I am authentically me.

The world needs you soaring and connected! Our soul is infinite and the possibilities are infinite! I encourage you to go and explore. You can dive deeper into healing your beliefs and limiting thoughts with my Core Beliefs Program found Here

Peace & Joy


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