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Reclaim Your Power

Women in leadership roles...

How do we view women in leadership roles?

We often judge or see them as b******. Women are so busy trying to be "as good" as men, get the recognition they deserve, and be respected in their field of work. We want to be recognized for our good work. We are busy competing with men, trying to prove that we are better, smarter, and faster. Adopting their way of being, rejecting the traits that are essential to the whole. We have disrespected and disowned our own femininity, forgotten our power and wisdom within.

How can we fully be in our power if we have disowned parts of who we are?

In our society, until now men have been the ones in the forefront, the ones being recognized. Suggesting that they are the leaders, possessing the leadership qualities. We were taught to follow men, be submissive, "don't rock the boat" "don't make waves", make our good ideas seem like it was their idea. Many women have not embraced their uniqueness or power as a woman. We have forgotten where that power comes from, we have forgotten Who We Are. We have forgotten what that looks like, how that feels, and have lost ourselves trying to be and operate like men to get the recognition. Forgetting to recognize our own worth.

Women are amazing leaders. We know how to accomplish things in community, together! If we want our communities to be healed, healthy, peaceful, fulfilling places to live, we must embrace who we are truly!

When we are at our best, we don’t need to compete. We know there is space for all to thrive. When we stand in our leadership power, within we are confident, loving, encouraging, willing to take risks and responsibility to be the best version of ourselves. We are intuitive strong, courageous and beautiful. Let’s get back to who we are truly meant to be and claim our power!

Here are 6 steps to reclaiming your power and embracing you as a leader!

1. Claim your space in the world- Believe you are meant to be here, in this space, and you have something of value to offer. (take a risk and peacefully stand your ground)

2. You must be 100% responsible for your choices and your life.

When you point the finger in the other direction, blaming other people, you give away your power! Reclaim your power and take responsibility for your actions, words and your feelings.

3. Know, love and accept yourself

This is an on going discovery Download my Leadership Workbook to help you on your journey

4. Be who you truly are with no deletions explanations or exceptions

That means embracing and healing all the shadow parts, all the parts of yourself you keep hidden away.

Its OK to be you.

5. Embrace the wisdom within!

6. Take loving, soul guided action!

Where in your life do you feel powerless? Or not as powerful as you would like?

Which of these steps need attention for you to fully step into your power?

What soul guided actions can you take towards stepping into your power?

We spend a great deal of time being something we are not, locked into low self-esteem, anxiety, comparison, and competition. We need to relearn who we are and re-pattern our leadership.

Get to know who you truly are, the whispers of your soul, reclaim those parts of yourself you thought you had last forever and step into your leadership power.

If you are interested in having support in this check out The Changemakers Journey, my live online coaching program.

Peace & Joy


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