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Why its important as a leader to delegate

As a boss, CEO, President or visionary. You are the example!

Be the example that has everyone else at their best.

To have everyone at their best you must be filled up and ready to change the world. In this state you have more to give, encouragement, energy, support, compassion, creation and most of all growth within yourself and growth in your company/community.

If you are not feeling that within yourself how can you give it?

This is where delegation comes in. When you delegate you have more energy to be the change.

First let’s look at some reasons why people do not delegate.

They don’t know how to ask for help- feels vulnerable and scary

Lack of trust in themselves to pick the right person for the task

Lack of trust and faith that someone can do it just as well as them or better

Fear of someone doing it better and then becoming obsolete

Believing it is just easier to do it themselves.

And the big one giving up control -stemming from fear and insecurities

Take a moment now and jot down things in your life and work you are doing that you could delegate. The things you don’t like to do, that do not spark joy. Then for each task written, write beside it, who else could do this.

On a separate paper write down all the things you can do for yourself that makes you feel filled up outside of work. Also write a list of things you really love to do at work-make sure to do that.

Delegation- Give a capable person the vision, how you want the end result to be and then trust that they will deliver.

When people feel trusted and are not worried that you are looking over their shoulder waiting for them to screw up. They will often exceed expectations. Having others contribute to the creation and win allows them to feel good about themselves, needed, and a chance for them to use their skills, which in turn makes them feel purposeful.

Acknowledge; give them praise, some kind words or let them know how good it felt to have their help.

Encourage-kind words, high fives, celebrate the wins. If you are encouraging co-workers are more likely to encourage each other. Encouragement is contagious! It raises the energy in everyone.

Delegation is a part of taking care of yourself

If you are not delegating to take care of yourself, you will find others around you experiencing burnout, be sick more often, have low energy, and be moody. You are the one, the leader the mentor that shows them the standard and how to have balance.

You can either run a ship that is fun, energized and productive.

Or run a sinking ship that is low energy and feeling like you are doing it alone and trying to stay a float. Which is the cost of not delegating and making sure you are filled up.

I would love to help you create a well workplace.

Download my free workplace wellness kit here to start or continue your workplace wellness.

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