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Young People Of Today

They are not lazy, entitled, rude, or glued to their screens oblivious of what’s going on. I hear it so often the negative things that young people of today are.

Have conversation with one with an open heart and mind and you will be amazed! They are wise, creative, sensitive, loving and intuitive.

Sometimes confused about the incongruences of what they see and are being taught and told compared to what they feel. They have often been raised in a much harsher environment than their bodies and souls can handle. Ever notice the increase in depression, anxiety, ADHD or anger. That is the cost. This is the outcome on their beings of the harsher world.

In some ways they are different than us. They are not obedient, they are standing up and saying, hey this is not right here. Maybe they don’t have to work their buts off to have a happy life, their life is not going to look like ours. They have seen us work our buts off, for what, most of us are unhappy, stressed out, can’t sleep, over weight, and without joy or passion.

We are not raising them to be in this world. It is our job to guide them to be who they are so they can create the kind of world full of love, joy, and passion. Does that not sound wonderful? Young people of today will be the leaders of tomorrow. Do you want them leading from love and passion? How do you show that? How do you be the example of that?

Teach them how to access their wisdom, trust that they know what they need. Love, encourage, spend time getting to know them as a person. Help them to see their strong points, skills, and gifts. Take them out in nature, with no expectations, just be there for them.

If there is a particular action or inaction within a young person in your life that triggers you. That is about you. Take a look beyond the surface of what you think you see and ask yourself a few questions

like 'what unmet need does this bring out in me?

Who does this remind me of?

Dig deeper to understand why this triggers you. When you get to the root cause of this trigger and heal the unmet need you will see the outcome change. You will be able to see with your heart and create a different relationship.

They are willing us to come to the conclusion that what we are doing is no longer working. Let’s think outside the box. Let’s do something different than how its always been done. Lets chose something that works! Let's create a well society together.

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