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Getting Unstuck!

What causes you to be stuck?

The cause of being stuck:

Thinking and wanting it to be different than what it is and believing you don’t have the power and resources to change it.

When you feel the circumstances are out of your control and believe you can’t change it.

Thinking that you want it the way it was, wanting to go backwards.

  • Attached to the outcome

  • Believing you don’t have the money to change the circumstance

  • Believing you don't deserve or are not worthy of better-your dreams

  • Not embracing and living yourself

  • Don’t have all the information

So basically your thoughts and beliefs cause you to be stuck! Which is great news, because you and only you can change your thoughts and beliefs. I know that being and feeling stuck are very real for us all. When we are in it sometimes it feels pretty hopeless. I encourage you to seek out help. Journaling about the questions in this article will give you some insight and create movement. Even if that movement is to lovingly open up to acceptance.

If you only get 2 things from this article, I hope it’s the following

  • Accept it, right now it is the way it is and choose to love yourself anyway

Accepting does not mean that you give up and this is how its always going to be. It means that you embrace the situation and look at it from all angles, questioning how it was you came to be here, lovingly take a thorough assessment, have compassion and love towards yourself. Like you would a small child.

  • Believe that you have choice and where you are right now is the choice and was a choice you made. Have compassion for yourself and your life.

Unless you take a hundred percent responsibility for your life the power remains elsewhere. Taking responsibility just means you do not blame anyone else for your situation and you do not punish or belittle yourself either. There is a space where you can lovingly and compassionately take 100% responsibility.

Getting unstuck!

Recognize that it is a choice know why you chose it how were you feeling when you chose it?

Recognize there are always other choices you may not like them and they may not be ideal choices but they are choices so you may be in the best place for you right now.

Journal with these questions.

What other choices are there?

How do we get to a place of love to make better choices?

Take responsibility: I am responsible for where I am. I am responsible for changing it if I don’t like it.

I have the power, skills, and resources to change my circumstances.

Be in the question

In this moment I feel like I am stuck. I cannot go back. I cannot go forward.

What information do I still need?

What can I do to make this easier for myself?

What thoughts or beliefs keep me stuck?

Why can I not move forward?

What do I get out of being stuck? What are the benefits? What is the payoff?

What do I need to know or embrace to move forward?

What thoughts and beliefs would make me feel like I have the power to change this situation?

What stops me from being 100% responsible?

What would I be doing differently if I were a hundred percent responsible for my own life?

What can I do to make me feel better?

What can I do, be, think, or create, to bring joy into my life right now?

What do I want my life to look like one year from now?

Giving In

Giving in is not the same as giving up. It is like surrendering. It’s saying “okay I am here. I’m going to enjoy what’s here to the fullest possible Joy I can muster.”

And then magically something comes into your field of awareness that wasn’t there before, perhaps something that you were searching for. Something that aligns with your dreams.

Its not giving up and saying “no forget it, it wasn’t meant to be. I’m not Worthy. I’m not going after it.”

It's just not focusing so hard and thinking it has to come to you in a certain way. It’s about giving in, surrendering to the process, surrendering to the here I am right now and I’m going to love it! I love this about it! I enjoyed that about it! I am going to enjoy myself, still knowing your going to jump on any opportunities when they come and just relax and enjoy life from where you are right now.

If you don't know what brings you joy, dive into that!

I know its not always easy to change your thoughts and beliefs. Let me show you how I can help.

The core beliefs online course is great for working with your thoughts and beliefs. Check that out here.

You can also Book a free discovery call with me!

Peace & Joy


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