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Is it your child that has to change?

Caution: this my affect the way you think.

I wonder if we as parents, as adults in this society realize that today's gate way drug is not marijuana. It is Ritalin and any other drug we put our children on to alter who they are or their way of being. Did we ever consider that it is not the children that need to change? That perhaps its the system and us, because we are part of the system. By system I mean the school, government, Food and drug industry, our beliefs and priorities. It must be the system because why are so many young children needing to be "fixed" "changed"?

When we put young children on these drugs we are telling them they are not 'OK', they are not 'whole' that something is essentially wrong with them and basically pulling away our unconditional love- If from no one else, should they not get to feel unconditional love from their parents?

Ponder for a few minutes that maybe they just need a different way of living, perhaps all our chemicals, Genetically Modified Foods, sugars, dyes, and florescent lighting are affecting them negatively. Perhaps what they truly need are aware parents who are awake and living life fully, joyfully, who accept them unconditionally and support these children in a whole new way. Supporting them from the belief that they are whole and complete just the way they are. What do they need in their life or diet that would support them and their nervous system?

I would suggest if their behaviors are not of a peaceful manner take a look at the diet, the amount of time spent outside in nature, and perhaps your personal beliefs around parenting. Perhaps you have room to grow as a parent. Figuring out what works as apposed to doing it the way your parents did it.

I am talking about Ritalin being a gate way drug because I see many 18-25 year old addicts and about 80% of them have been on Ritalin, Concerta, Vyvanse, Adderall or any other altering drugs. These drugs were administered between the ages of 6-12. Parents need to wake up and realize that the likely hood of a child being an addict is very high when you are essentially telling them they are not good enough and something is wrong with them. You are possibly creating a budding addict when putting them on a stimulant. These drugs are stimulants. Which is probably the exact opposite of what their nervous system needs.

Please wake up to the fact that there is another way. There is always another way!

Deep down I know you feel there has got to be a better way. For a different take on these children please read The Care And Feeding of Indigo Children by Doreen Virtue. This is the first book that I read when my children were young that really felt like it has some information I could apply .

All the best on your parenting journey. You are the one leading and you have important people in your charge.

If you need assistance on this journey reach out!

Peace & Joy


Marie Tindall

Is a Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Counselor with a Spiritual Psychotherapeutic approach and Author of 7 Steps to Rediscovering Yourself and Loving What You Find. She guides her clients to access their wisdom within so they live a fulfilling, extraordinary life.


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